Places of Interest

Earth: After the Event, most reapers shut down, a few left, and a few failed catastrophically. Most reaper ground units went into local control. North America, Europe, Asia and parts of Africa and South America devastated. Alliance personnel in-system prioritize rebuilding and re-establishment of control in reaper Hot-Zones.
“A Shattered World”
“Cradle of Humanity, Galactic Hotspot”

The Citadel: remains in orbit around Earth, returning to it’s familiar Presidium & Wards configuration. While Reaper control cost the lives of uncounted thousands of residents, Ward gangs, militia and resistance fighters managed to keep a surprising amount of territory until the Event. Council forces, C-sec and sector militias continue to clear the wards compartment by compartment, while civil engineers have recently restored the presidium to habitable conditions and Council activities begin to resume operation there. Plans progress for a Shepard memorial.
“Bastion of Hope, Tower of Despair”
-Presidium “Seat of the Council, Conspicuous Security”
-Wards “What They Don’t See…, Here Lurks Danger.”

London: The shattered remnants of London can still be seen, but rebuilding efforts are underway to accomodate refugee, Council and Alliance personnel. Mod-fab structures replace ancient landmarks, while the worn-features of Big Ben watch on, time ticking away. An overactive space-port with alien visitors cycling through for shore leave, the slow dwindling of the euphoria and growing tension at lack of communication with exo-colonies has led to an environment reminiscent of the wild west, more than the traditional English reserve; underworld activities, interspecies tensions and warring politicos, scientists and military officers make a heady mix.
“Rebuilding, but Slowly”
“A New Frontier”

Europe: Along with North America, Asia and coastal south america and africa, bore the brunt of Reaper incursion during the war. Remains of internment camps are a constant reminder of the new Holocaust, while remnant factions continue under local control, resisting Alliance and Council efforts to reclaim the area. Countless nuclear facilities, research labs, and refugee pockets require attention – shutdowns, recovery, rescue, resupply, reconnaissance is the order of the day.
“No Man’s Land”
“Roving Bands of Reaper Forces”

Places of Interest

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