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Discoveries on mars in 2148 lead to rapid advancement of technology. H-3 fuel provides easy energy while Element Zero allows manipulation of mass and gravity, allowing reasonable FTL travel. Soon after Humanity begins exploring its own solar system, Charon, Pluto’s moon, is discovered to house a Mass Relay, an ancient device able to project ships tens, hundreds, even thousands of light years away near instantaneously. These relays link into a system thousands of lightyears wide. The Systems Alliance is formed to guide humanity on its first steps onto the interstellar stage.

It is now 2186. In utero Element Zero exposure interacts with human physiology and has led to the emergence of Biotics, telekenetics with powers that are just now beginning to be understood by Humanity. Advances in computer Virtual Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and holographics have led to amazing strides in industrial development and the human/computer interface. Omnitools, all-in-one computer/medkit/nanoforge/control devices make life much easier for the average human, be they settler, soldier or civilian.

The Reaper War raged for 8 months across Earth, over a year all told. Shepard – already called The Shepard by some – forged alliances between the most unlikely of forces – Turian and Krogan, Quarian and Geth, Asari, Batarian, Salarian, Volus, Hanar, Elcor and Drell. Six months ago, these fleets all converged on the Sol System with the Crucible Project, connected it to the Citadel and then Shepard did…something. On earth, most reapers simply shut down and fell over; others failed catastrophically, while still others seemed to flee the system. Every Mass Relay then went inert. Communications beyond Sol are limited to faster-than-light speed couriers until they can be restored, and reports have begun to filter in of similar events on colony worlds. The war is over, and rebuilding has begun. The Citadel fleet, many Council delegations and a sizable contingent of alien settlers have remained in system struggling to understand the ancient technology that fuels the mass relays to kickstart them once more.

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