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Dials Skills
# of Aspects: 5 Academics Pilot
# of Phases: 3 Athletics Provoke
Skill Cap: 4 Burglary Rapport
Skill Pyramid Contacts Resources
Columns (N/A) Deceive Shooting
Refresh Rate: 3 Empathy Stealth
Initial Stunts: 3 Fighting Technology
Types of Stress (Physical, Mental) Investigate Will
Initial Stress Boxes: 2 Notice
Default Consequence Slots: 2/4/6 Physique

Academics functions as the Lore skill, though it only provides generalist knowledge. Specialized fields such as Xenobiology, Archaeology or Stellar Physics require a stunt representing that training.

Technology is the Crafts skill and also the basis for Tech-based characters such as Engineers, Infiltrators and Sentinels. It also covers knowledge, repair and operation of day to day electronics, as well as (Non-AI) computer hacking. See the Tech Specialist extra.

Will and Physique are important to Biotic training, and players wishing to play a Biotic character should be prepared to invest in one or both.

Pilot works for most classes of vehicles, though stunts are required for capital class ships.



The individuals known as Biotics are capable of creating mass effect fields by force of will and years of training, focusing their bodies electrical impulses through Element Zero nodules in their nervous system. Because each individual reacts differently to the training, and training is different for different races, this extra is somewhat more versatile in skill choice.

Permissions: One aspect reflecting biotic capacity and training
Costs: Skill ranks, specifically ranks in Will or Physique, and 1 Stunt to represent your Biotic Training, prototype amp, or similar hook. Will or Physique becomes your Biotic Skill

Mechanics: The biotic extra consists of three talents – Telekinesis, Warping and Barriers. Pick one to function at the level of your Biotic Skill, while the other 2 function at Biotic Skill-1. You may spend 1 refresh/stunt to allow all three to function at the level of your biotic skill. You may only use 1 talent per exchange – Telekinesis, Warping, or Barriers.

The Telekinesis talent allows you to use Overcome to generate Mass Effect fields to facilitate easier physical challenges, such as lifting or moving large or heavy objects. It also allows you to Create an Advantageto impose movement and barrier based advantages on a target, such as Slowed Movement or Lifted.

Barriers uses your biotic skill to Create Avantage with barrier or shield related effects – Biotic Bubble or Barrier Blocked. You may also use the Defend action with your Barrier talent rating.

Warping allows the use of the Attack action with your Warp talent rating, via warp fields, a damaging singularity, shockwaves, slams or powerful throws.

One defends against these Biotics with Athletics or Physique.

Tech Specialists

‘Tech’ refers to talents based around reverse engineering or hacking various technologies, including hardsuit systems, weapons, and synthetic enemies like the geth. Tech talents are deployed with omni-tools. Those with these powers have mastered their omni-tools, using them to do nearly anything they can think of.

Permissions: One aspect reflecting the capacity and training to use Technological Powers.
Costs: Skill ranks, specifically in the Technology skill. 1 Refresh in the form of a stunt reflecting specialist training, experimental technology, or a similar hook.

The Tech Specialization extra consists of three Talents: Hacking and Fabrication*, Tech Grenades and Shielding. One of these functions at a level equal to the Tech skill, while the other 2 function at Tech-1. You may spend 1 refresh/stunt to bring all three talents up to the level of your tech skill. You may only use 1 talent per exchange – Hacking and Fabrication, Tech Grenades, or Shielding.

Hacking and Fabrication: expands the basic functions of Technology to be able to Overcome hostile AI. It is also used to Create an Advantage by snap-nanoforging terrain features such as cover, broken ground or even a Combat Drone.

Tech Grenades are a tech specialists special way to Attack; either in coordination with a created Combat Drone or via Incineration, Cryo or Overload attacks. Medi-Gel requires a stunt for the fabrication license…

Shielding allows one to Defend with Technology, as well as to create shield-technology based advatages such as Hex Shields, Shield Matrix or Stripped Shields


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